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OPEN AUDITIONS: Snake in the Grass

SNAKE IN THE GRASS by Alan Aykbourn

Directed by Chrissie Kettle

DATES OF PRODUCTION: Wednesday 21st February – Saturday 24th February 2024. 5 performances, including a matinee on 24th February.

AUDITION DATES: Wednesday 13th September OR Monday 18th September at The Headgate Theatre at 7.30pm

REHEARSAL DATES: Mondays from 16th October 2023. Additional dates to be agreed with cast.

Written in 2002, this is one of Aykbourn’s later plays – a thriller cum ghost story, where there is depth to the characters. It is set in the garden of a family home and tells the story of two sisters – Annabel and Miriam – brought together by their father’s death. A sudden appearance is made by the father’s blackmailing former nurse, Alice, who claims that Miriam murdered the obnoxious old man. Full of twists and turns, this play works at a number of levels.

“A creepily, scarily, eerily enjoyable evening” – Sunday Times
“The shifting relationship between the sisters is finely crafted! – The S&S Stage.


  • ANNABEL CHESTER – The more aggressive/assertive of the two sisters who moved away from home, and has returned as the main beneficiary of her father’s will. Quite stylish and successful in business. Rough playing age 50’s-60’s
  • MIRIAM CHESTER – A more subdued, possibly “mousy” character, who stayed at home to look after her father in his last vituperative years. Younger than Annabel – Rough playing age 40-50’s
  • ALICE MOODY – A nurse employed to look after the father, and now blackmailing the sisters. Described as “creepily polite”! Playing age 40-ish

For further information, please contact Chrissie on

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