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A versatile end-on or traverse space, suitable for drama and musical theatre productions, live music, lectures and large group presentations. Full black masking drapes, luxurious front tabs and a black floor. Rostra available for split level areas.
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81 with standard seating. 87 with additional row. 79 in traverse layout. (These figures include two house seats) All or part of row A can be removed to increase performance area. Diagrams of seating layouts.

Performance Area

Black floor with step up into rear apse and full black masking drapes. Floor plan of the auditorium with dimensions.


Main dressing room from SR wing with accessible toilet. Additional space available at rear of stage.


Wheelchair accessible via side entrance to theatre adjacent to auditorium door.

Auditorium – Lighting
Auditorium – Standard Seating
Auditorium – Venue Hire
Auditorium – Lights
Auditorium – Stage Left Wing
Auditorium – Stage Right Wing
Auditorium – Dressing Room
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