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Theatre Arts Action Trust

The Theatre operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee and is registered as a charity. The Objectives of the Trust can be summarised as the provision of a building which can be used for:

Strategic oversight of the operation and development of the theatre rests with a small group of Trustees. The current Trustees are

Matthew Young, the Company Secretary acts as adviser to the Trustees and can be contacted on secretary@headgatetheatre.co.uk

The Trustees have produced and agreed a strategy to establish a statement of direction and priorities for the Trust. It will be used to inform strategic planning and decision-making and to assist Trustees to identify and review key priorities and progress against measurable targets. You can view the strategy pdf documentpdf_icon here.

The main business of the Theatre is organised through the Management Committee, which meets quarterly, and a range of sub-groups which incorporate a wider range of volunteers.


For any further information about the Theatre, please email info@headgatetheatre.co.uk