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Other Activities

The Headgate actively promotes projects and opportunities which encourage people, young and old, to engage in theatre and their wellbeing. With ground floor rehearsal and meeting spaces and our first floor studio, we have a range of spaces and facilities available. If you have an idea or project that you want to discuss, then contact the Hiring Manager on 01206 530257

KATS(Kids Acting and Theatre Skills)

This youth theatre company meet each Saturday morning and offer sessions for 6 to 18 year olds, focussing on performance skills, confidence building and social interaction with a strong emphasis on fun. Their performances take place at the theatre and the group offer ‘come and try’ sessions.

For further details, contact Sarah Young on 07939 401640 or email sykats@hotmail.co.uk

Dynamite School of Dance

The school run sessions on Saturday afternoons. It offers freestyle dance classes for children aged 2 to 18 years of age, with fully qualified tuition in Disco, Acro, Street, Slow, Lyrical and Rock n Roll.

For further details, contact Sarah Harding on 07986 635117 or find them on Facebook:

Ilaz Dance Company

A small Colchester based company offering various classes to children (ages 3+) and adults. They run regular Monday, Thursday (Adult Tap), Friday and Sunday classes at the Headgate. These include Adult Tap (all levels), Senior Tap (ages 8+), Junior and Senior Performing Groups. The Performing Groups are the core of the company and the classes are based on a Jazz/Modern Core, with students learning a variety of styles and dances which are then performed at every opportunity possible.

For further details contact Zoe Insull on 07508 203078 or find them on Facebook:

Donovans Academy of Performing Arts

The Academy run classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday late afternoons and early evenings. The school is for children aged 3+ and young adults and offers a wide range of classes including Modern Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Street, Body Conditioning, Stretch and Musical Theatre. Plus there are accredited exams within Dance, Acrobatics and Musical Theatre, and competition classes.

For further details contact Sarah Dunn on 07904 714880 or visit their website: http:www.donovansacademy.co.uk

Little Stars Theatre Workshops

Offering classes in singing, acting and dance to students every Thursday from 3.45 - 4.30pm for ages 3 to 6 and from 4.30 – 6pm for ages 6 to 16. They are also opening a new exam class, where students will work towards LAMDA exams. One of the main focuses the group has is on confidence building. They support students to be confident and get the most out of everything they do.

More information can be found at http://www.littlestarsworkshops.co.uk or call Vicki Condron, Principal, on 07743 650845.

Wellbeing groups

Yoga Mind Colchester run sessions early on a Saturday https://www.facebook.com/YogaMindColchester

Colchester and Maldon Yoga meet on a Tuesday morning https://www.colchesterandmaldonyoga.co.uk

Local performance groups

The Headgate Theatre is used as a venue for productions by several local performance groups

The Witchfinder

The Headgate Theatre has a remit to undertake educational projects and in early 2006 an approach was made to the Local Heritage initiative for financial support for a project to produce a DVD and other materials relating to Matthew Hopkins - 'The Witchfinder General'. Little did we realise that this was to become one of the biggest ventures undertaken by the theatre, involving over 200 people. Directed by John Worland with co-director and producer Kerry King, the result was a startling success. For all details go to the  Witchfinder pages. These pages provide details of the project and will give you more information about this dark period of our local history. Details of how to purchase the DVD are also available.