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March 2022: Headgate Gift Vouchers

Have you bought or been given a Headgate Theatre gift voucher and not been able to use it?

If you have, now is surely the right time to be converting it into tickets for one of the exciting productions that we have coming up at the theatre over the next few months.

We understand that vouchers bought for the 2020-2021 season may have expired before patrons had a chance to redeem them. The good news is that the Headgate Theatre will honour such vouchers and extend their expiry date – you only have to ask. Please get in touch if this situation applies.

Please note that we can only offer this facility for our in-house vouchers. We are not part of any national ticket voucher scheme.

If you might be interested in buying friends or family gift vouchers for the Headgate, please email and we will contact you to arrange this.

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