Current Programme - Drama

May Wednesday 30th - Saturday 2nd at 7.45

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice  by  Jim Cartwright

The Reject Theatre Company

This Olivier award-winning comedy written by Jim Cartwright tells the story of a shy, reclusive girl named Little Voice and her larger-than-life mother Mari. In this heart-warming tale, Little Voice, desperately missing her dead father, spends her time locked in her bedroom listening to his old record collection and perfecting astonishing impersonations of famous divas such as Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Dusty Springfield. Her remarkable talent remains a secret until she is overheard by a local talent scout.

Suitable for age 12+

Tickets: £13.50, £11.50 (conc)

June Wednesday 13th - Saturday 16th at 7.45pm Saturday Matinée 2.30pm

Jeeves and Wooster in 'Perfect Nonsense'  by  The Goodale Brothers

Chameleon's Web Theatre Company

It was all Bingo's fault. I was telling him about a frightful weekend I spent risking my life in pursuit of a silver cow creamer and he said "You should be doing this on the stage!" So here I am, Jeeves in tow. I hard can it be? A classic Jeeves and Wooster tale, which won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy in 2014.

Tickets: £10, £8 (conc)

July Monday 23rd - Saturday 28th at 8pm

Headless Chickens - It's a scream!

Stapled to a Chicken

They've risen from the grave and stitched together a horror comedy show to slash their way into your hearts. But don't be scared, it's frightfully funny and Stapled to a Chicken will leave you screaming...with laughter. Come and see dead people, after all we don't bite.

Warning: may offend.

Tickets: £11

August Friday 31st at 7.30pm

A Woman of No Importance  by  Oscar Wilde

DOT Productions

Comic melodrama and social scandal bubble away in this classic Oscar Wilde satire. Lady Hunstanton's house party is in full swing when Gerald Arbuthnot is announced as secretary to the witty Lord Illingworth. However, once Gerald's mother makes an appearance, his future is suddenly uncertain. Should Mrs Arbuthnot tell her son the truth she has hidden all these years?

Tickets: £12