Fund raising

As a charity, Theatre Arts Action Trust, the overriding body of The Headgate Theatre, has to look to fund-raising events sometimes, particularly when we have a particular project that we want to work towards. Some of these are plays and shows organised by Headgate Theatre Productions where we invite directors to come and help us put on quality drama or comedy. Others might be events where we ask professional or amateur performers to add to our programme and help with the theatre's finances.

Increasingly these days however, we are used by local theatre lovers who put on events to support their own chosen charities. In recent times St Helena Hospice, Bliss, The Terrance Higgins Trust, Diabetes UK and several others have benefited in this way.

We are happy to talk to potential fundraisers about similar events and a good starting place for this is to contact Dave King on

When TAAT launched its plan to open the Headgate we approached the lottery, who granted us £99,663, and the magnificent local benefactors the Hervey Benham Trust who gave us £70,000. We still had to raise almost £70,000 to open, and that we achieved. With the right support and efforts success can be achieved.

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